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our name

Stridulation is the act of producing sound by rubbing together certain body parts. This behavior is mostly associated with insects. One of these insects, the Sphaerotherium, is a rare South African emerald green colored giant pill-millipede (hence our logo) and is one of only three groups of millipedes that produce sounds. The male Sphaerotherium stridulates when in contact with a female to initiate mating and the sound of stridulation prevents the female from curling into a ball or stimulates the female to uncoil when already rolled in. The stridulation of this giant millipede consists of a broad frequency spectrum (and equally broad is the spectrum of the musical genres we intend to support). Interestingly, these pill-millipedes are not capable of acoustic perception, as no hearing organs are known. And yet, although their sound falls on deaf ears, they do emit a sound for love. Similarly to them, we will release the music we love, regardless of whether people will buy it or curl up into balls and ignore it. This is the metaphor that inspired us to choose these animals' sound as the name and the logo for our record label.


our inspiration

There are many amazing record labels out there whose releases we've been listening to for years. Tzadik, Ipecac, Rune Grammofon, Southern Lord or Type are some of our favorite labels. The teachings of quality, commitment, attitude, business savviness and modus operandi of these outlets and the people behind them have been an invaluable asset in the creation of Stridulation records. As much as we strive to find our own voice and identity as a label, we are not necessarily looking to do things much differently than our mentors and predecessors have. However we do want to contribute, as they do, to the proliferation and diffusion of some of the amazing new music that is being made in the world today.
A special thanks to John and Kaz at Tzadik and to Mike and Greg at Ipecac for their mentorship, kindness and support.


our promise

At Stridulation records we intend to make every release count. We might not have the resources to put out as many records as we would like to every year, but we will always feel personally invested and wholeheartedly dedicated to every new album we put out.
We will not limit ourselves to a specific genre of music because we love diversity and versatility and our own personal record collections go from experimental, avantgarde, world music and jazz to electronica, industrial, ambient and noise as well as from new classical and world music to rock and metal.
We will however limit ourselves to choosing artists that we strongly believe in and who are themselves equally invested in and dedicated to their craft and their music.


our way

We release music by artists from all over the world and across many genres. We will carefully choose artists whose music we love and whose vision we share.
We set ourselves apart by making every release sound beautiful and look beautiful. We only release limited editions (sometimes hand-numbered) and we make efforts to make every release something special, something unique.
All the profits of the label will go straight back into the label to support other deserving artists.
When you buy a Stridulation records release you are supporting the artist and the label and you are buying some amazing music but you are also acquiring a unique piece of art that you can touch, see, feel and enjoy forever.