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Malacarna EP

release date: 06.12.21 (Record Store Day)


Key Selling Points

  • MALACARNA's debut album is an audio-visual concept collaboration between songwriter/producer Vince Pastano, singer Tony Farina and artist Dorothy Bhawl
  • The "Malacarna EP" brings together Blues/Tribal/Cinematic/Goth/Industrial sonorities and is sung entirely in the "lucan" dialect (a region from Southern Italy)
  • the lyrics about life/love/death are rooted in Southern Italian folklore and borrow from traditions, religious beliefs, supersitions, mythology and the grotesque
  • the artwork is by concept graphic artist Dorothy Bhawl and is inspired by the works of David Lynch, the movies of Roger Corman, the interpretations of Vincent Price, Lars Von Trier's "The Antichrist", Robert Eggers' "The Witch" and Lukas Felgeifeid's "Hagazussa"
  • The album features a collaboration with acclaimed singer Raiz (Almamegretta)
  • The album will be exclusively available on BandCamp and on vinyl



1. Nunn’è rrelore
2. Maria Lou
3. Oh Signore (feat. Raiz)
4. ‘U mile granate
5. Mare Citte
6. Resta cu mmi

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